About us

Who we are

AGD is an Alliance. We are a transnational umbrella organization that brings non-profit organizations together. All our members are active in the field of global development and complement one another thanks to their like-minded and synergy-based approaches, thereby enhancing the impact of their projects. AGD is Global. For profound change to occur we must think globally and embrace diversity – this is exactly how our members reason. As MLK said in 1963, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. And in today’s interconnected world this is more relevant than ever. AGD promotes Development. Sustainable development only. We care about the future and our planet cannot afford to wait any longer for significant action to be taken.

Our mission

The Alliance for Global Development (AGD) was founded by four organizations working in the area of global development. AGD seeks to harmonize the work of each member organization embedded in the system in a manner that promotes the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and thereby contributes meaningfully to reducing the plight of the most vulnerable and fostering social inclusion, with a focus on migrants and displaced people from third world countries.

Our culture & ecosystem

Board & staff