Peace Building

Peace building projects implemented by AGD and/or its member organizations.

One of the major focus program that AGD adopting is peace building in which we use a wide diverse approaches and methods to ensure that people are safe from harm, have access to law and justice, and are included in the political decisions that affect them in order to have a good access to better economic opportunities, and enjoy better livelihoods.

Our Peace building program in AGD strive to achieve the following aspects:

  • Strengthening democracy and inclusion
  • Working together with business and trade to create sustainable jobs and improving employment practices specially for young Adults.
  • Including peace education in conflict resolution trainings.
  • Improving healthcare and self protection awareness.

Media and arts

AGD seeks to develop training tools to co-create media, and to navigate different types of Arts in order to enable our beneficiaries organizations or individuals to participate actively  in the digital world.